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The random nature of running a business with authenticity

Little disclaimer. I know the word “authenticity” is thrown around a lot with marketing these days. This is my definition of it in action.

Before I had my son, I was the Queen of My Own Time. I had a clear concept of how much time I should be spending in business development. I also had a clear strategy and a clear approach. A blog post a week, a facebook post multiple times a week, a coffee once a week, etc etc etc. I felt in control. Except for those months when things were more quiet than usual. Those months or even those couple of days would send me into a minor frenzy.

When my son arrived, I had a delusional 4 weeks when he was premature and still at hospital. Between pumping, trips to the hospital and having my mum around, I had time to give. Bizarrely, I managed to wrap up a our website rehaul actually!.

But when my son came home? Oh gosh. Every single thing fell out the window. Thankfully I had a lovely, loyal designer whom I had (wisely might I add) trained well in advance. As well as a freelancer set up happening.

It took me quite some time to find this new rhythm and work with it.

The one thing I realised.

Do less.

But do it damn well.

I now fit into two hours what I used to take 6 hours to do.
I am fully present during meetings and try my best to keep a clear head as much as possible (days when baby wakes up at 4am aside).

The short story?

Our business has done consistently better since his arrival.

But whom am I to speak on authenticity? Read more here by this extremely authentic woman.

Feature image by Liam Anderson

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Karishma KasabiaThe random nature of running a business with authenticity