Marketing Consultant Melbourne

Marketing Consultant Melbourne
Our marketing consultant services cover digital, print and crazy creative ways to build your business.


We’ve found a new market. It’s cynical. It’s smart. And it knows how to ignore advertising which isn’t genuine or related.
We’re a part of that market. So we know how to tap into it.

We’ve been asked to consult on marketing for Monash University, La Porchetta, Sanderson, Pack A Perfect Party and many more. An initial coffee meeting with us will give you an idea of what we mean by blog posts gaining traction, connecting to influential folk in PR and why your e-newsletter isn’t giving you results.

It’s not about what you’re selling.
It’s about the value of what you’re selling what that means for your buyer. 

Aside from Kish+Co, you may have already heard of our sister brand, Kish & Evie. 
We’ve done services and products. We’ve done small business and large business. Feels like serial dating. But truly, if you want to knock on our door for stories, you’ll definitely find them!

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Thinking about making your own stories with us? Growing your brand and getting more traction?

We want to help out!

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