Unconventional Marketing

Be genuine. Vulnerable. True. Use unconventional marketing. Surprise me.

A colleague told us this story:

I was on a flight and I was watching a teenager flick through a magazine. As he flicked through the pages, I noticed, his eyes didn’t even skim the pages with advertising on them. It was like he’d blocked them out.


The old stuff just isn’t working anymore.

That is what most of us are (still) doing. Some folk more. Some folk less. But it’s happening.

In the past we’ve paid for advertisements (yes, full page spread in a magazine) and have had NO LEADS. Zero.

We sent out direct mail to potentials and GOT VERY LITTLE LOVE.

The old stuff just doesn’t work as well as it did.


So what unconventional marketing worked?

  • Giving out cupcakes for Valentine’s Day
  • Writing awesome blog posts
  • Sending out e-newsletters with useful, fun content
  • Handing the client a brochure with a poster in the middle of it
  • Suggesting cool ideas just because we can


The more genuine, the better.

In short, think of marketing as you would a friendship. Don’t make it boring. Sure you have your Friday night usual drinks, but I’m sure you switch things up over the weekend. Thats unconventional marketing.

Be genuine. Vulnerable. True.

Don’t do the “done” thing. It just won’t ring true.


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Karishma KasabiaUnconventional Marketing