About Us

Your branding agency Melbourne, doing awesome graphic design, marketing and social media management.

Kish+Co is a branding and graphic design agency off Flinders Street in Melbourne. We specialise in:


Are we meant to be together? Is it true love? 

Your title has the words “marketing” or “communications” in it. Somedays working with design agencies drives you nutty because they underquote, don’t get back to you soon enough and don’t really “get” your visual style. If you are any of the above, then we need to do coffee - pronto! 

You’re thinking about starting a new business or you’ve already got one. It could be a café, a fashion brand, an IT company or a travel bookings online store. Or more.

If you are involved in design & creative work or feel that you could be a great friend to Kish+Co, then we need to do coffee too.


Who we are and what we believe. 

We’re creatives. We believe that what we make can have people walking to your door. It’s that simple.
And that powerful.


Specific products and services we provide. 
Design which is then spun across the web and onto print. Starting off with a brand/logo/mark/identity and then everywhere you could expect to see this brand; bespoke cards, brown paper packages, seals for custom envelopes, a website which moves horizontally, a smart annual report, roll up banners at an expo – that sort of thing.

We also work with dear friends; writers, search engine experts, photographers, illustrators, web geeks, marketing strategists, social media folk and more. If you want, we can manage the process for you, or you could work directly with them. Whatever it takes to “get shit done”.


What we’ve done. 
Stories of what we’ve made are all here.  If you’re looking for something specific like a launch event, tender design, an e-newsletter or Facebook advertising, contact us and we’ll send you some examples to have a look at.


Liking how all of this sounds? 

We promise you a coffee with no salesy talk, just learning about your business, a lot of laughs and stories about the things we’ve learnt. Call us on the landline +61 (3) 9020 4156 or pop an email to design@kishandco.co – looking forward to it.

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