For a lot of businesses, social media management is a tedious aspect of marketing, which takes up at least 1-2 hours a day with additional planning and social media strategy labour behind it. It gets pushed to the back burner and the outcome is a Facebook page with 30 likes and a Twitter feed with a tweet last month. This. Is. Bad. For. Business.

Why does Social Media Management really matter?

  • You’re irrelevant without it.
  • Believe it or not, people want to know what new things their loved brands are up to.
  • You’re losing out on the opportunity for a buyer to choose you, vs. another brand. I know people harp on and on about content and voice – but it’s true. Develop a personality and you’ve got something that people attach themselves to.
  • If I have to convince you, then you shouldn’t be reading this. The power is obvious – you’ve either been lost in the numbers, or stuck without a smart phone (I love people like you, usually we get along better when I want to learn about life and philosophy). When you’re ready to talk business, then we’re ready to talk social media.

Why would you work with Kish+Co for Social Media Management?

  • We aren’t fluff. We tweak content and push it till it works.
  • Would you buy from a builder with a crumbling house? Look at all our social media profiles to see the engagement, readership and content. Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest
  • Kish+Co lovers recognise the personality in our work. We’re real people behind great websites, gorgeous annual reports and sexy tenders (Yes, I did just say that). If you like our brand personality, you’re very likely going to love us.
  • There’s method behind the madness in everything we do – the basis for successful social media management is a rock-solid social media strategy.
  • If you don’t have a writing voice, or the slightest clue about what to post – however, you are serious about growing your business, then we are the right match for you.
  • We’re already managing your website, your design and your marketing strategy – it just fits.

Go on.
Call us and get ready to have your socks blown off.
Okay, that was an exaggeration – but it was the only exaggeration :)

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