Pinterest. Shopping and marketing online in 4 steps. Boom for product entrepreneurs.

Pinterest is a massive visual pinboard for everyone to share.
A lot like twitter, but for images instead of words.

If you haven’t heard the word, I’d be surprised.
If you need a login (I wouldn’t be surprised, I only got mine a few weeks back) – email me – karishma{at}

If you’re in fashion, weddings, photography, accessories, art, anything thats visual, you should be here.
Truly madly deeply.

Step 1. Search.

Place a word into the top left box for any goody you’re looking for. Bags. Nail Polish. Invites. Travel. Etc. I’ve done “scarves” for this purpose.


Step 2. Choose.

From the options that come up, choose the picture you like the most.
Pinterest recommends users to link back to the original post, so its very likely you’ll find the source of the scarf. (If you like the pin, you can also follow the board you found it on).


Step 3. The mention.

Clicking on the image will take you to the original post where it was mentioned. You need to do a quick scan to find out the brand and where to buy it.


Step 4. Buy.

Boom. You’re good to make your place your order online.


Kish recently discovered Pinterest and you can find her boards here.
She’s a huge social media junkie and finds it a powerful tool for networking, business development and just getting inspired in general.

If you’re an entrepreneur marketing a business that needs to get more profile – talk to her.
She’s done it before with Kish+Co and she’s doing it again with her scarf range, Kish & Evie Goodness.

PS if you’re wondering how much social media is dominated by women, you aren’t the only one…

UPDATE – I just read this awesome article from Boticca about which has more consumption power:


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Karishma KasabiaPinterest. Shopping and marketing online in 4 steps. Boom for product entrepreneurs.

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