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You’re in the perfect place. We provide graphic design services both in Melbourne and internationally.

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Not really sure what you want?Not sure if you’re really looking for graphic design services?Maybe you need to talk a little more and then it’ll come together? We’d love to chat about graphic design, so let’s engage.

Not quite sure what ‘designing’ entails?

It’s a pretty vague term, kind of like the word “strategy”. Until you engage with the process (yep, I just used the word “engage”), it’s tricky to know exactly what graphic design covers.

We’ll do our best to explain our graphic design process…

It’s creating a visual aesthetic that you can apply to everything.

For example, we created this “look and feel” for George Weston Foods, which had a colour gradient, chef’s tools and their logo.

Then we applied this aesthetic / styling / look and feel to all of their marketing collateral. And this could keep going on: a website, magazine design, t-shirts, cd cases, e-newsletter … whatever you need to market your business successfully.

How does the graphic design process work?

This is when we have coffee, brainstorm, talk ideas, understand your market, understand you (yep, your branding is DEFINITELY a reflection of you as well), scope out your competitors, talk ideas all over again and then we take those notes home.

This is probably the biggest reason why the process takes time. The designers give time to let things churn and come up with ideas – often they’re scribbles on a piece of paper. This is the crux of the creative process.

This stage is always the hardest: mocking something up and finding the result to be so far from what was envisioned, then pushing, pushing and pushing the design to get it closer and closer. The first page always looks like something from a first year design student’s files. I guess this is where the bulk of the graphic design work takes place.

We give it a week to 3 weeks to allow time for in-studio critiques, more edits and refinement before we send you out the concepts.

Making sure we’re all on the same page takes time. You might feel that the shade of blue doesn’t sit quite right or that the look is more serious than you were going for. It’s all okay. Like most things, this involves communication and understanding.

Once we’re all super sure about the final outcome, we’ll then package it up for you. If it’s a logo, then it’s available to you in all the formats you’ll ever need (Facebook profile pic, screen print-ready file, a small jpeg for your PowerPoint presso – anything really). It’s all about service. At this point, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page the service needs to meet the mark. Or obviously, out do the mark!

Then we apply this design aesthetic to everything: business cards, stationery, websites, flyers, brochures, annual reports, e-newsletters etc. Everything.

Is it okay to change it up?

SURE IT IS. Every now and then we can pop colours, change direction a bit, bring in some “more” to the picture. Nothing is set in stone and shouldn’t be either. Change is good.

Are you nodding your head?
Good. If we sound like the right match for you, call us on +61 (3) 9020 4156 – we’d love to help out!

Karishma KasabiaLooking for graphic design services?