The End of Tupperware?

The other night, we asked my mum why she never got into business. She said it wasn’t her forte. Then she added that the closest thing to business she ever did, was those Tupperware parties.

Were you around in the 80′s?

I certainly was. My mum wanted Tupperware. Excellent quality plastic containers with a relatively hefty price tag. How did my dairy owning parents afford it when they had 3 children and worked 7 days a week? Mum became a dealer. To this day, she has Tupperware in her cupboards. Next to no other plastic ware.

All my friends used to come home, open the pantry and chuckle. Seriously. It looks pretty awesome.
“You can return it anytime you want if something breaks and get a 100% replacement. Even if it’s just a lid.” 20 years on and my mum still sings the praises.

Then I started to think.
My mum has a pantry full of Tupperware.
Me? Nada. Only the free stuff she’s passed on to me every time she bakes something and sends over a container which I never return.

Tupperware has 60,000+ likes on their Facebook page but only 160 likes for a post.
None of my sisters have ever purchased Tupperware.

We KNOW it’s lifelong. We KNOW it’s practical, easy to clean and all things great.

But why aren’t we buying?

Here are some of the reasons

  1. We don’t go to dealers.
  2. We don’t attend “Tupperware Events”.
  3. We want to buy at our convenience – online or at my nearest store.
  4. Their ecommerce store is hard to find and once you get to it, it’s a disappointment.

Tupperware is relying on the loyalty of customers.

It’s relying on a hand me down system – “my mum bought it, so thats what I’m going to buy”.
Country Road is one of the few brands that has a hand me down system to lean on – yet it is constantly refreshing and relative to the next generation of buyers.

Tupperware – I love you. But not enough to choose you over the next cool thing I see on Instagram. I mean, check out SipSnap - these guys are going to make awesome and up and coming.

Tupperware, you’re up against new awesome. Better surprise us with a refresh and get in our zone to get us pulling out the credit cards.

Feature image by Chris Wilmes

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Karishma KasabiaThe End of Tupperware?