Powerpoint Design: How to make a powerpoint document look its best

Powerpoint design is tricky territory – but that doesn't mean it can't look good at all. We recently worked with a lovely client wanting to clean up their formatting and styling. Whilst no sane designer would willingly set up a file in Powerpoint, we know that you often need to – and it helps to have a strong base to leap from. ...
Karishma KasabiaPowerpoint Design: How to make a powerpoint document look its best
Kitty Time

The random nature of running a business with authenticity

Little disclaimer. I know the word "authenticity" is thrown around a lot with marketing these days. This is my definition of it in action. Before I had my son, I was the Queen of My Own Time. I had a clear concept of how much time I should be spending in business development. I also had a clear strategy and ...
Karishma KasabiaThe random nature of running a business with authenticity

The End of Tupperware?

The other night, we asked my mum why she never got into business. She said it wasn't her forte. Then she added that the closest thing to business she ever did, was those Tupperware parties. Were you around in the 80's? I certainly was. My mum wanted Tupperware. Excellent quality plastic containers with a relatively hefty price tag. How did ...
Karishma KasabiaThe End of Tupperware?

How to impress a potential employer

If you’re job hunting or interning to build your industry experience as a graphic design student or graduate, you’ll know it’s a tough slog. You might have only half an hour in an interview, or a couple of weeks as an intern - so how do you impress a potential employer in the short time you have with them? How ...
Karishma KasabiaHow to impress a potential employer
Is your business going online to save costs

Is your business going online to save on costs?

Think twice. Actually perhaps thrice and then some. Over the recent times, we've seen businesses shut their store front and move to online business. The process? Set up a brand with look and feel, if they haven't already. Set up an online store. Take product images and prepare the copywriting. Figure out shipping calculations and payment set ups. Optimise the ...
Karishma KasabiaIs your business going online to save on costs?
Consumer behaviour is not aways straight forward.

Where is my Link Through?

Yesterday, I caught up with a friend for breakfast. During our brief catch up session, we discussed: Sam Smith Harvard Social Media courses EMBAs Women's Networks Fussy childrens eating habits Hours that babies sleep through the night Purchasing houses in Melbourne (and buyers advocates) Counselling Creating a lifestyle of choice Cafes in Toorak iPhones and lenses on top of iPhones ...
Karishma KasabiaWhere is my Link Through?

Is being good enough, enough?

Say hi to Suman Papad (AKA Poppadums). We get Suman Papad couriered from India. They come from a small town in India, not even a metro city. And of course there is no website. No Twitter stream. No Facebook page. And there has never been a flyer. Can you get poppadums in Melbourne? Of course. Probably even at Coles. But ...
Karishma KasabiaIs being good enough, enough?

The Concept of 9 to 5 is a Joke.

The idea of working 9am-5pm has always felt like a joke to me.Reasons: When are you meant to do the post? What is the point in shopping after 5pm when all the shops are closed? How about legal stuff? Do you meet the lawyer in your lunch break? Is your productivity really optimum from 3pm onwards? If you're only spending ...
Karishma KasabiaThe Concept of 9 to 5 is a Joke.