Is your business going online to save costs

Is your business going online to save on costs?

Think twice.

Actually perhaps thrice and then some.

Over the recent times, we’ve seen businesses shut their store front and move to online business.

The process?

Set up a brand with look and feel, if they haven’t already.

Set up an online store.

Take product images and prepare the copywriting.

Figure out shipping calculations and payment set ups.

Optimise the site for SEO.

Work to get the social media sorted.

And even then?

That is the absolute bare minimum. And even that won’t necessarily bring results that would have matched your bricks and mortar store.

Covert the thinking to a physical space.

Think foot traffic in a digital medium. How are you going to get maximum foot traffic browsing your site?

Think conversion. How are you going to display your products that get people considering them?

Think loving. How are you going to get them to pull out their wallet.

The online world gets trickier everyday.

It’s flooded.

Imagine your regular, popular mall.

Now imagine it spreading over the space of a city.

Too much right?

That is exactly what things look like online.

Too much.

So how are you going to stand out?

Feature image by Kirsty Dow.

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Karishma KasabiaIs your business going online to save on costs?