Consumer behaviour is not aways straight forward.

Where is my Link Through?

Yesterday, I caught up with a friend for breakfast.

During our brief catch up session, we discussed:

Sam Smith
Harvard Social Media courses
Women’s Networks
Fussy childrens eating habits
Hours that babies sleep through the night
Purchasing houses in Melbourne (and buyers advocates)
Creating a lifestyle of choice
Cafes in Toorak
iPhones and lenses on top of iPhones
Conversations with travellers vs. non- travellers

Before catching up with my friend, I was contemplating the purchase of three books.

The books were mentioned by a blogger and I had the tabs open in my browser for 2 weeks.

But I was not compelled to purchase them.

However, after catching up with my friend, she convinced me that the books were worth purchasing.

Sometimes that blog post gets read.

Then it gets forgotten.

Then you come back to it.

Then you open the link throughs.

Then you forget about them.

Then you talk to a friend about it.

Then you come and make the purchase.

Much like the real world, it isn’t always straight forward where your purchases come from. You need to allow for human behaviour in the middle of all the analytics.

Feature image by Kirsty Dow.

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Karishma KasabiaWhere is my Link Through?